Sociovision joins Ifop Group

Combining the expertise of SocioVision and Ifop is a sign of positive momentum. Together we will work to make this a reality over the coming months and years, allowing us to meet the needs of clients who, now more than ever, require multi-source indicators to help them make the best decisions and stay competitive.

The acquisition of SocioVision by Ifop Group will be an asset and a shared source of strength for both companies.

SocioVision can now rely on the market leader with expertise in both opinion polls and market research in the luxury, beauty, consumer goods, retail, services, media and health sectors.

By joining the forces of two historical brands (IFOP, 1938 and SocioVision, 1954), our Group will have unique data at its disposal, collected via two SocioVision key surveys - Observatoire France (an annual survey of 2000 French respondents / 4000 questions) and International Observer (27,000 interviews / 11 countries) - allowing us to better decipher the social trends that will impact the business of our clients in the medium and long term.


Stéphane TRUCHI

Chairman of the Executive Board of IFOP

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